Our Services

We offer a multitude of different services as you apply and eventually obtain your very own New Jersey Used Car Dealer’s License!
Here is a full list of the many services we are currently offering:

Leasing an office that is fully furnished (lighting fixtures, safe, telephones, file cabinets, chairs, desks) along with these utilities such as two parking spots and a mailbox which is a requirement of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission)

We can help you fill out your application then forward it to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

We can assist you in filing for your corporation.

We can help you apply for your own business Employer Identification Number.

We will assist you in registering your company to the state of New Jersey.

We can give you a hand when applying and obtaining your Certificate of Occupancy.

We will order and install the many different signage that you will need for your business.

For your first year, we will also register your business to the City of Bridgeton Fire Department

We have been helping people obtain their own New Jersey Used Car Dealer’s License since 1994. We have the experience and the know how to ensure everything is done properly and without any issues. We will even help you stay updated with the ever changing regulations of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission through weekly or bi-weekly emails.
We can also give you resources for temporary tag ledgers, dealer plate logs, insurance referrals, etc. You can contract us privately to help you with your yearly license used car dealer’s license renewal and to file tire fees on a quarterly basis.

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